Our Wine Range

Manley Unschuld Rosé 2020

On the nose, one picks up scents of fresh roses, young peach, and soft plum characteristics, with a floral perfume-like undertone. On the pallet there is a hint of subtle fresh red fruits, providing an elegant mouthfeel and lingering fruity but somewhat zesty after taste. This rosé is a careful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot which was aged in French oak barrels for three months on 30% primary lees, contributing to a neat creaminess on the palate. This rosé has a unique caramelized pink-orange color and is a limited edition with only 3000 bottles produced.

Manley Private Cellar Pinotage 2018

This Pinotage displays the smokiness of tobacco and leather as well as pleasant aromas of dark cherry and plum that one easily can pick up on the palate. The wine was aged for two years in French oak barrels and has undergone malolactic fermentation. The berries were picked at a ripe stage, contributing to the wide-ranging aroma wheel and prominent ripe character. The wine is structured well with tannins that are soft but still alluring. The aging capability of this wine is five to eight years.

Manley Private Cellar Shiraz 2018

This Shiraz shows strong aroma characteristics of mocha, dark chocolate, and blackberry that elegantly follow through on the palate, providing a well-balanced, sophisticated wine with a very subtle hint of spice on the nose. The Shiraz has been aged in French oak for two years and has undergone the process of malolactic fermentation, adding to an indulgent and elegant red wine. The palate is well rounded with a soft and velvety tannin structure. The aging capability of this wine is six to eight years.

Manley Private Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

On the nose, one picks up ample smokiness, fresh blackcurrant fruit, and a prominent liquorice note. The smoky aromas pleasantly follow through on the palate, as well as the noticeable darker black fruit characteristics. This wine has spent two years in French oak and undergone malolactic fermentation. It appeals more to the back palate, which can be recognized by the dryer structure on the mouthfeel. The tannins of the wine are very well integrated, robust, and persistent, with invigorating freshness.