New logo, new look!

Exciting changes are happening under the new ownership of Markus Ehehalt, former Bosch engineer from Stuttgart in Germany.

Recently, Manley Wine Lodge has been formally renamed to Manley Wine Estate and declared as a legal wine estate, and the logo and company colors have been spruced up to bold contemporary fonts and invigorating tones of orange, charcoal, and turquoise blue.

The Manley brand makeover has been carefully planned and implemented under the professional guidance of the Lautstark Communications Group in Stuttgart, Germany, and Markus and his branding team are very proud to be launching the new Manley Wine Estate logo and colors.

As you can see, the Manley website has also changed into a brand new “jacket” and we are all very excited about the professional new look and feel of our wine estate.

Well done to Markus and the Lautstark team!

Not only have they updated the general branding of the company, but Markus and his business associate, Elias Kuhl Mihopulos, are also planning to execute this new brand all throughout Manley Wine Estate, from the guesthouse bathroom amenities fragrances all the way to the wine cellar with new wine labels and an exciting new wine release on the horizon.

Many structural changes and renovations are planned to take place during the coming few months on the farm, and Markus and his team are taking this major makeover completely in their stride, and very soon Manley Wine Estate will be fully upgraded to a brand new luxury standard as never seen before!


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